W W DENSLOW 1883 CHOICE of Skipped by the Light of the Moon Theater Trade Cards


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Here is offered your choice of early trade cards illustrated by Wizard of Oz book illustrator W W Denslow, picturing characters from Harrison and Gourlay’s comic stageplay “Skipped by the Light of the Moon”. These are recently discovered Denslow cards, as discussed in the Spring 2015 Baum Bugle p. 49. The title card is the only one in the series that has Denslow’s “W*D” printed lightly in red. This card is marked “Thos Sinclair & Son, Lith, Phila”. Play venues are advertised on the back. Skipped played in 1883-1884, which coincides with the time that Denslow was working in Philly.

Scarce cards are in very good condition–with light wear with different advertising on the back. Price is for your choice of one card, which you can describe in the notes section of your cart. For more than one card, please increase the Quantity in your cart.Please check out the “Oz Illustrators” section in my Ebay store for other unusual Denslow items.

Photos and description by Wonderful Books of Oz, copyright protected through the DMCA act of 1998.