Sale: Original Art Shadow of Oz Tarot Cards: Giles Crawford Signed, Tip, Witch, Button Bright, Sawhorse, Wizard, Glinda

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I’m very happy to offer these original watercolor pieces of concept art for the “Shadow of Oz” tarot deck, created through a 2014 Kickstarter campaign by Illusive Comics. This listing is for your CHOICE of 9 different original pieces created and signed by Giles Crawford, one of several artists who created cards for the Wizard of Oz tarot deck. He is one of the most talented, imo.  Each of the 10 pieces you can choose are shown with their final published card in the photos. The tarot cards are shown for reference and are not included, just the  art. Art itself is 4″ by 6 1/2″ and each piece is hand signed by Crawford. Please name the art you want in the order Notes section at bottom of checkout. Art to choose from includes the following pieces, with their tarot card designations:

Queen of Cups: Good Witch of the North and Munchkin River
SOLD: Ace of Cups: The Love Magnet on the Emerald City’s gate
The Sun: Button Bright and the Sawhorse (shown as main image)
Death: Poppy Field (note this card also represents change and regeneration)
Eight of Cups: Queen Ann from Tik-Tok of Oz
Page of Swords: Jelia Jamb rushing a golden knife to Ozma’s royal banquest
Six of Swords: Ferryman with the Frogman and Cayke the Cookie Cook
SOLD: Six of Wands: Wizard with Flags and Jim the Horse
Page of Discs: Tip (future Ozma) with a purple yo-yo
Six of Discs: Glinda the Good and the Flatheads

These will look Oz-some framed! Remember to specify the name of the art when ordering. Multiples ship for no additional charge. The Shadow of Oz Tarot decks themselves sold out, have been revised, and are now available here: