As-Is GIANT HORSE OF OZ Book, Ruth Plumly Thompson 1928 1st Edition 11 Color Plates


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Here is a true 1st edition of The Giant Horse of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson with color plates, published by Reilly & Lee. This is the real-deal 1928 first printing with the misprint “Oniberon” for “Quiberon” on the frontispiece, and one of the earliest copies with perfect type in “morning” on line 1 of page 116 (referencing The Book Collector’s Guide to Baum). With decorated Oz end papers.

Condition is poor to fair only, one of my “wild and homeless books” for the non-judgemental collector. The pastedown cover is in decent condition with some wear to edges, the rear cover has light soiling, and the spine is a little wrinkled. Inside, both hinges are badly cracked with the rear endpaper badly glue repaired. Two prior inscriptions on ownership page, and only 11 color plates are present instead of 12. Definitely a reading copy only with the benefit of 11 pretty plates.