Mini Who’s Who in Oz Endpaper MAP in Envelope Sent to Fred Meyer As-Is


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Here is a great little miniature map printed from the endpapers of Who’s Who in Oz. I purchased several of these from Oz Club legend Fred Meyer’s collection. This is the last I have, and it’s damaged as shown, so I’m including the original mailing envelope from the publisher addressed to Fred. One of these maps was sold as part of a lot in Bloomsbury’s auction of Fred’s Oz collection and they described it below:

“A map of the marvelous Land of Oz showing the great protective desert barriers, and many of the celebrated and magical countries which lie beyond the parched sands. Miniature reprint of the endpapers in Who’s Who in Oz, 1954. Printed in sepia on cream. (110 x 160 mm). Provenance: Fred M. Meyer Collection. This map was based on the endpaper design in Tik-Tok of Oz (1914).”

Not sure exactly when these were printed, but the mailing envelope from “Ziff-Davis Publishing Company” in Chicago has a code above the address that may include the mailing date–5-21-56. Appear to be an exact replica of the Who’s Who endpapers, but smaller (just 4 1/4″ by 6″). Since Reilly & Lee was based in Chicago, I assume that they had these printed as part of the promotion for Who’s Who. Blank on the back. In rough condition is shown, but I have never seen others than the ones I sold and the one in the Bloomsbury auction.