Sale: Moving Picture Fair Book, Denslow’s Mother Goose Imitation 1914 Garman

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Here is a rare Garman Moving Picture Fair book–doubly so because the cover is based on one of the most famous picture books of its time, Denslow’s Mother Goose! Denslow’s original work spawned many imitators. The Garman cover redraws the Denslow art with slight alterations–but the main image is preserved, right down to the yellow and red polka dot skirt! The shape book is about 11″ tall, patent 1907, copyright 1912 by R. H. Garman, published by Ideal Book Builders (Chicago). I believe this is a 2nd printing, as it has 10 Mar 1914 befow the patent date that was not in a previous version of this book that I had. Also, it has a red cloth strip spine and the colors on the cover are more muted (closer to the original ones in Denslow’s Mother Goose, actually). In addition to the goose covers (front and back), there are 8 internal pages, some with attached cutouts that can be flipped to change the images. Very elaborate design. The book is in good plus condition, with a small closed tear base of rear cover, and inner pages detached from stapled binding. The internal page art is in good condition for the most part, with glue repair to one cutout, one edge fold, and one cutout seems to be  missing. (Denslow’s Mother Goose book shown in first image for illustration purposed not included.)

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