3 W W DENSLOW Father Goose Imitator ~1906 Postcards Rooster Clown Cop


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Another fun set of 3 postcards based on work by Wizard of Oz artist WW Denslow. The art originated from his and L Frank Baum’s 1899 “Father Goose His Book”, but they are postmarked 1906-1908. The art is slightly modified and the cards have no Denslow signature, so are likely used without his permission. Two of the three cards are marked “R. L. Wells” and one is W. M. Beach. These companies used several images from Father Goose and other Denslow’s Five Little Pigs for postcards, sometimes changing small details. The rooster originates from “Why?” in “Father Goose; the “copper” is from “Patsy Bedad” in Father Goose; the clown is crudely adapted from the Sun-Bear rhyme. Lot includes all three for one price.

For more info, see the Wannabe Wonderlands blog: http://ilex-wannabewonderlandsoutsideofoz.blogspot.com/2012/09/more-w-w-denslow-postcards-from-father.html?q=denslow+postcards. In good condition with writing/soilingwear as shown. Photos and description by Wonderful Books of Oz, copyright protected through the DMCA act of 1998.