CHOICE W W DENSLOW Thanksgiving Vintage Postcard! Wizard of Oz Illustrator


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Your choice of one of these Thanksgiving Humor Series 352 postcard drawn by Wizard of Oz illustrator W. W. Denslow. According to the Autumn 1972 Denslow checklist, these were created circa 1908-1912 and that matches with the postmarks I’ve seen. These demonstrate Denslow’s quirky sense of humor. See also the other Denslow  postcards and tradecards I have up for sale.

AVAILABLE: “Thanksgiving Turkey Dressed to Kill”

SOLD: “He’s Too Tough for Thanksgiving Dinner”.

SOLD: “Why don’t you take that silly old goose for Thanksgiving?” (showing Father Goose as the goose, a little additional joke)

AVAILABLE: Fourth says “Thanksgiving Turkey, Chestnut Fed, with Dressing a la Mode”

SOLD: The first Thanksgiving Dinner in Ye Old Time” with a Native American shooting an arrow into a surprised pilgrim’s turkey

SOLD: “Ye Old Fashioned Hasty Pudding”.

The photos don’t really do these justice. All embossed and lithographed with beautiful, classic Denslow illustrations and marked with his seahorse and “DEN” (except on one he seems to have forgotten the DEN as it has only the seahorse). These were printed with both gold and silver lettering;  color of letters on card you receive may vary from the ones shown here.

Rear is marked “Post Card / Correspondence / Address” in old fashioned lettering, also with a one cent stamp box. All in very good condition with light age wear, and excellent examples of Denslow’s later work! Price is for your choice of ONE card. Please specify which card you’d like in the Order Notes box at the bottom of Checkout. If you want more than one or the whole set, you can change the quantity in the order box.