Sale: Probable WW Denslow Trade Card Baker & Hayes ~1883 Flower Border (Poppies)

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Here is an original trade card that I believe is by Oz illustrator W W Denslow, advertising “The Best Pianos, Organs”. The card is marked with the Baker & Hayes B&H lithographer’s mark. Denslow provided art for other Baker & Hayes cards with this mark, ca 1883 (Greene & Hearn, p. 14). (Also see my article in the Spring 2015 Baum Bugle for more info on Denslow’s trade cards.) The card bears an elaborate floral border that is consistent with Denslow’s early work, as he was experienced in horticultural renderings. In the background is a farm scene. This card is especially nice as it includes an advertisement on the back for “Ticket of Leave Man”, an A W Purcell production at the Norombega Hall People’s Theatre in Bangor, Maine.

Card has moderate edge wear. One of a set of 4 which I have collected and shown in the last photo, but only this card included here.