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Here is an wonderful and unusual 1960s Wizard of Oz item, related to the Ozcot Lodge on Bass Lake, Indiana. The first International Wizard of Oz Club convention was held there in 1961 and later, the Ozmapolitan conventions until 1967. This is a placemat-sized (10″ x 14″) Ozcot Guest House map, with fabulous Denslow artwork. Harry Neal Baum, one of L. Frank Baum’s sons, and his wife Brenda ran the Lodge until Harry died in 1967. This item is from Oz convention material of Henry Blossom, who wrote The Blue Emperor of Oz in 1966. There was a second of these in the same 1967 convention folder dated June 17th, 1967, which was just 10 days after Harry died. The convention went on.

Condition is good, but likely this was actually used as a placement as there are a few brown spots. In addition, some of Blossom’s answers to an Oz quiz (a convention tradition) are on the back. Folded, as issued. This is a scarce piece of Oziana.