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Here is a great little Wizard of Oz animation book by Julian Wehr. Published in 1944 by Saalfield Publishing (Akron, Ohio). With six moving animations and about 3-4 times that many pages, all illustrated in color. Plate 13 in Bibliographia Oziana.

The book boards are in very good condition with some wear to edges, and the spiral paper spine has some wear as is usual. Inside, the pages are clean and all the animations and tabs are intact except for the one with the cage, where the scarecrow’s head has been taped on. Soe wear to the pages at the spiral binding, as is typical. Overall, one of the nicer copies of this unusual book that I have seen!

From Wikipedia: Wehr invented and patented the animated children’s book that contained moveable paper parts using tabs, commonly read by children in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. An animated pop-up book consists of three elements: a story, colored illustrations of the text, and two or more animated illustrations with their movement mechanisms working between a double page.