Who’s Who in Oz An Appendix by James E Haff & Ruth Berman


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Here’s something you don’t see often–Who’s Who in Oz An Appendix by James E Haff, with descriptions, additions, notes and a gazeteer by Ruth Berman, undated but 1994 based on online sources. This labor of love compiled by Ruth Berman built on the foundation and notes of Oz researcher Jim Haff, who died in 1981. The 58 pages softcover takes Jack Snow’s Who’s Who in Oz a step farther, including characters in subsequent primary Oz books such as Merry Go Round in Oz, Enchanted Island, Forbidden Fountain, Laughing Dragon and more. Much detail and even includes an Oz Gazeteer of places mentioned in the Oz books.

In good condition except the section headings have been highlighted, and the plastic cover is creased at the bottom corner.