Sold: OZOPLANING WITH THE WIZARD OF OZ 1939 Book 1940s Era Ruth Plumly Thompson As-Is


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Here is “Ozoplaning with the Wizard in Oz”, one of the Oz books written by Ruth Plumly Thompson. Copyright 1939 by Reilly & Lee. Since it was published post-1935, this book was never issued with color plates, but has the color pastedown on the cover and illustrated map endpapers. According to The Book Collectors Guide to Baum, this is a ca. 1947-1948 copy with 32 page gatherings.

The book has some condition issues, and is priced accordingly–one of my “Wild and Homeless” books for the budget collector. The pastedown has some fading around the edges, the spine and rear cover has light staining and pencil marking and the back board is slightly bowed. Blackish stain to bottom of text block. Inside, the hinges are intact, and The Book Belongs To page is filled in with crayon. The pages are in good condition up to about page 240, when some faint evidence of moisture staining is at very top, increasing to the rear endpaper where there is reddish staining around the edges. There is also a name and 1948 date in pencil on the rear endpaper.