BAUM BUGLE Wizard of Oz Club CHOICE 1966 Spring Autumn Christmas Magazine


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Here is your choice of 3 early Baum Bugle magazines from the Wizard of Oz Club–filled with great detailed info related to Oz books, the authors, the movie, and more. Issues from the 60’s and early 70’s are very hard to find, since the club was relatively small back then.

Price is for YOUR CHOICE of issues: Spring, Autumn or Christmas 1966. Want more than one? Just change cart quantity for no additional shipping. With the following special material–

Spring 1966: The Dakota Days of L Frank Baum Part 1 by Matilda J Gage, Record-Herald Feb 26, 1905: Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz–The Wogglebug Encourages Charity, Mother Goose in Prose, Comprehensive Chronological List of Baum’s Published Writings, inc. intros & contributions, songs, magazine and newspaper articles, and books about Baum (4 pages)

Autumn 1966: Bibliographia Oziana: Cowardly Lion of Oz, Grampa in Oz, the Lost King of Oz, Father Goose His Book, The Songs of Father Goose, Discussion of Eureka, Dorothy’s kitten

Christmas 1966: Wizard’s Christmas Invention by Ruth Plumly Thompson, Garden of Meats (unpublished chapter of The Patchwork Girl), Dakota Days of Baum (Pt III), Queer Visitors strip, Bibliographia Oziana: Hungry Tiger, Gnome King, Giant Horse, Baum and the Problems of American Life, Around the World with the Wizard of Oz (foreign versions), Oz Quiz, Oz in the News