Sold: White Hyacinths Roycroft Roycrofter 1907 Book + Box, Dard Hunter Design, “If I had but two loaves of bread”


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Here is a nice Roycroft book “White Hyacinths” by Elbert Hubbard. Published by the Roycrofters in 1907, this book has an amazing Dard Hunter designed title page (signed DH), colophon and initials, with a matching design pressed into the suede cover. 108 numbered pages, about 5×7 1/2″, with front matter portraits of Elbert and his wife Alice Hubbard. I love this book for the sentiment expressed in front: “If I had but two loaves of bread I would sell one of them and buy White Hyacinths to feed my soul.” It has the original publisher’s box with the title on the edge.

The book is in very good condition, with very clean green suede cover, spine still nice, hinges intact, moire endpapers in good shape. The pages are all in quite good condition and silk bookmark is still present and attached. There is a slight musty odor, like the book was stored in a damp area, but no moisture damage at all. The box is fair, with long tears to two sides of the top.