1909 Roycroft Catalog of Books and Things: Levant Books, Dard Hunter Cover


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Here is an amazing original Roycroft catalog from about 1909, featuring a beautiful Dard Hunter designed cover (signed DH), and 34 full pages of great Roycroft stuff. Includes:

Full photographic inserts of 4 generations of Hubbards, the Roycroft Shop and the Chapel.
Pages and original prices on books The Doctors, The Lessons, Health and Wealth, and Woman’s Work by Alice Hubbard, A William Morris Book, Book of the Roycrofters, Man of Sorrows, Battle of Waterloo, Justinian and Theodora, Crimes against Criminals, White Hyacinths, Rubayait of Omar Khayyam, Self Reliance, A Message to Garcia, Three Great Plays, A Christmas Carol, Will O’ the Mill, Walt Whitman, Time and Chance, Three Great Women, Good Men and Great, Little Journeys, The Philistine, Rare Books and “Very Scarce Books”, Ali Baba, Contemplations, Dreams, Essays of Elia, Formulas for Bookbinders, Friendship, and many others. Including “Out of Print Books”.
Full page illustrations of modeled leather bindings of Woman’s Work and Famous Women
Full page illustrations of full levant, Intarsia, and 3/4 Levant bindings of several books, one with leather case
Prices for Bookbinding

Condition is good only–split to base of spine, the front has some tearing to overhanging edges and there is a stain at upper left that diminished but extends throughout the book. Pencil number on front endpaper. The string binding is intact. Still a beautiful specimen of Hunter’s and the Roycrofter’s work, and packed with reference information.

I’m listing several Roycroft catalogs this week; get em while you can!