Original Elbert Hubbard Hand-Corrected Manuscript on Medicine, Roycroft Roycrofters


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Here is an unusual Roycroft item–a typed manuscript with handwritten corrections by Elbert Hubbard himself. The piece is titled “A Home Coming, or A Little Journey to the Temple of Health”, lauding a Dr Planck at the Temple in Kansas City. I can find a record of “A Little Journey to the Temple of Health” on Google as published in 1913 (https://www.google.com/books/edition/A_Little_Journey_to_the_Temple_of_Health/C9gAugEACAAJ?hl=en_), though no actual books online. There are 23 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ pages to the manuscript. From the Richard Blacher collection and guaranteed authentic.

Another Hubbard manuscript I sold came with a page by Elbert Hubbard II, where he said of Hubbard: “His habit came to be to dictate practically all of his writings to a secretary who transcribed them in typewriter leaving wide spacing in which Mr Hubbard could make corrections and inject any new ideas that might come to him.” The manuscript is a wonderful view into Hubbard’s creative process, as well as his opinions of medicine and medications at that time, and the Temple of Health were where all diseases were supposedly treated successfully without drugs, medicines, electricity, or surgical operations. Hmm…