CHOICE W W DENSLOW 1880s Advertising Trade Cards Beggar Student


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Your choice of two unusual early trade cards illustrated by Wizard of Oz book illustrator W W Denslow from the comic stageplay The Beggar Student. Very early and charming examples of Denslow’s work with his “W*D” signature marked lightly in red. The McCaull Opera Co originally played this show in New York in 1883/1884, and it later moved elsewhere–these are for the Thompson Opera Co in an unknown city. This gig by Denslow is mentioned in the Bibliography on W W Denslow published in the Autumn 1992 Baum Bugle, though there it’s erroneously called The Beggar Prince. These particular cards show characters Symon (The Beggar Student) and Lieu. Poppenburg. The Poppenburg card has some of the letters filled in with pen.

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