John Wanamaker 1906 Founders Day Address Booklet Roycroft 1906


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Here is an unusual Roycroft ephemeral publication from March 12, 1906: John Wanamaker’s Founder’s Day Address “prepared for my fellow workers in Philadelphia and partly spoken in the fist section of the new building”, on the thirtieth anniversary of the famed Wanamaker’s department store. Just 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″, stringbound, 16 pages. See also my Wanamaker’s Message to Garcia listed separately.

The booklet has no publication information, but came with the Roycroft Wanamaker’s Garcia and uses similar type style and the exact same elaborate graphic device on the last page as in the middle of the known Roycroft booklet (last photo). This booklet is in very good condition, with nice cover, clean pages, string binding intact, and one uncut fore-edge for last two leaves.