SALE: Roycroft Elbert Hubbard Tooth Quote Dentist Ink Blotter Niagara Falls 1918

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Here is an interesting Roycroft-related advertising item–a vintage ink blotter from Dr. Fred’k J R Dean, Dentist, 210-212 Mercantile Bldg with an Elbert Hubbard quote: “Decayed politics are bad; decayed literature is worse; and to love a person with decay in his mouth would be like loving a mummy with decayed morals”. OK…Believe it or not, Hubbard apparently wrote this in an essay called “Oral Righteousness”. I believe the blotter is ca. 1918, as I found advertisements for this dentist at the same address in a Rochester High School yearbook from 1918. Blotter is 3 3/8″x6″ with an image of Niagara Falls, pink blank back. In good used condition.
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