Sold: Elbert Hubbard Handwritten Love Motto Signed Charles Youngers Note on Back


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Here is a beautiful Roycroft collectible–a handwritten, signed motto about love by Elbert Hubbard: “The love you give away is the only love you keep”. Written on laid paper and you can tell this is Hubbard’s handwriting as it it so messy–when the women signed his name in books, it is much neater! Also I have some original letters from Hubbard and this looks like his writing. Not only that, on the back there is a note signed CWY–Charles W Youngers–who worked for Hubbard many years and was head of the Roycroft bindery in later years.

Youngers says something about the Garcia ms (manuscript) and “it was months afterward that we learned that it was at B. P. L”. Not sure what BPL is, so a bit of a research project for you. There is also a 1956 note in another hand at the bottom that says the motto came in the mail with a book on Japan vellum. Mottos in Hubbard’s hand are scarce–normally they are printed, or sometimes you see handwritten manuscript pages from his books. Measures 5 3/4″x9″. In good condition with a fold mark and light creasing.