THE ROYCROFT INN Brochure Roycroft/Roycrofters ca 1920, Dard Hunter Design


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Here is an unusual original Roycroft Inn brochure, with color Dard Hunter graphics on the front and letters of recommendation in the back from 1920, dating this to around that year. This brochure an unusual “portrait” rather than landscape format like most. 20 pages of text, with 22 photographs and detailed descriptions of various rooms within the Inn, as well as things less often heard about, such as Tennis Courts, Sing Songs, and The Glen (with “Bacon Bat”). Also with Roycroft Hall of Fame–those people whom sleeping rooms are named after. Small item, just over 3 3/8″ x 8″ in softcover wraps.

A scarce and lovely little bit of Roycroft ephemera. In very good condition, with the page graphic not completely square, as issued. Pages are very clean.