Sale: Wizard of Oz John R Neill Macaronis: A Scandal in High Life 1904 Comic Postcard

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Here’s a scarce piece of Oz-related ephemera–an early comic postcard drawn by Wizard of Oz book illustrator John R Neill. The postcard is related to a series of skinny dandies Neill drew for the Sunday Magazines (a newspaper supplement) called “Life Among the Macaronis”. While Neill’s signature was clipped in the editing of the card, the art and title are the same as that in another signed feature called “A Scandal in High Life”. For more, see the Hungry Tiger Press blog at The “scandal” is that the aristocratic gentleman reading the paper has discovered that “his grandfather once was a draper”. “Copyright, 1904, Associated Sunday Magazine, Incorporated”. These are rare cards and I’ve searched far and wide for another one to share with you! Enjoy. Postally unused with light wear.