W W DENSLOW Chi-namel Advertising Postcard–House Beautiful–Wizard of Oz Illustrator


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Here is another unusual postcard in the “Chi-namel” series illustrated by Wizard of Oz book illustrator W W Denslow. This advertising gig by Denslow is mentioned in the corrections/additions to the Greene/Hearne Bibliography on WW Denslow that were published in the Autumn 1980 Baum Bugle. It pictures a group of stereotyped Chinese children painting a house with “Chi-namel” paint or stain–The House Beautiful. I have several cards in this series in my collection and while clearly by the same artist, only about a third of them are signed by Denslow–this one is not, but is included in the Spring 2015 Bugle checklist of Denslow’s postcards by Holly Dennis-Lucas.

The back of this card invites one to a special demonstration of Chi-namel products at Montpelier, VT in May. The year is not given and the card isn’t postmarked, but .similar ones I had were postmarked 1910 and 1913. Later advertising art from Chi-namel has a different style that while still using Chinese stereotypes, is not by Denslow.

In very good condition with light wear and age toning. Please check out the “Oz Illustrators” section in my store for other unusual Denslow items.