Sale: Munchkin or Mother Goose Figurine; 1930s Marshall Fields Character?

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This is an interesting figurine that I was told represents a Wizard of Oz Munchkin woman. The collector/seller said “It was purchased at an Oz convention I think it was in the 80s or 90s. Fred Meyer said there were two like this with pointed hats in different colors. It was part of the Christmas collection of toys at Marshall Fields in Chicago, 1930’s. They were also in a display of miniature gardens at a tulip show in Michigan. Other Fields’ Oz related toys were a large rag doll of Dorothy, a 26 inch Tinman and a Scarecrow doll. It also featured Mickey Mouse. “ The character does look a bit Denslowesque–however, Oz expert Bill Stillman did not believe this story and thought the figurine may actually be Mother Goose. I have priced this reasonably and leave it to you viewers to judge–and please contact me if you know more.

The figurine is about 5″ tall, and is marked “Japan” on the back (which means it is post 1921). The figure is in rough condition with substantial rubbing and a large chip on the left hand side that has been partially glue repaired.