Sold: W W Denslow Pietro & Jocko the Monk Comic Strip Original Newspaper Page 1902


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Here is an original 1902 comic strip by Wizard of Oz illustrator W W Denslow, shortly after he illustrated the Wizard of Oz book in 1899/1900. Very hard to find these original Denslow comics, in fact this one, Pietro and Jocko, The Monk from April 20, 1902 in the St Louis Daily Globe, isn’t listed in the Denslow checklists as near as I can tell. (A similar one called “Peter and Mike the Monk” is recorded for March 30, 1902).

The strip measures about 10.5″x17″ and is part of a large oversized page that has been laminated but is otherwise in good shape. Will be shipped in a Priority Mail tube.

Photos and description by Wonderful Books of Oz, copyright protected through the DMCA act of 1998.