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The Crazy Wizard of Oz Game Denslow Inspired Puzzle 2D Rubiks Cube


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This is the “Crazy Wizard of Oz Game”, but really it’s a puzzle, and it is crazy!! It is just nine 3″x3″ pieces, with heads and bottoms of the fab four Oz characters. Your job is to put them together in a 3 x 3 piece grid, so that the tops and bottoms match. Sounds easy, right? NOOOOOOO! I consider myself to be good with puzzles, but worked on this for quite a while before I figured it out. The set doesn’t include the solution, but I took a photo and will send it to you if you can’t figure it out. This comes in a cute little box (just 5.5×3.5″), which has some wear as shown. A hard-to-find vintage puzzle published by Price-Sloan.