Sold: FORBIDDEN FOUNTAIN OF OZ Cover Dick Martin Art Print + Ozmapolitan Rear Cover Print


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Here is an interesting ephemeral item–a print of Dick Martin’s original art for the Forbidden Fountain of Oz book. Dick Martin illustrated the book which has a beautiful color cover, but this is a high-quality copy of Dick’s black and white line art, with the water in the fountain in pencil. It also has “65% to 5×6 1/2″ written on the back in Dick’s writing, so I’m sure the pencilled-in water is done by Dick as well. This is from David Greene’s collection, and he and Dick worked together on a lot of Oz Club projects, so I’m wondering if this is something that was the prototype for a convention card or souvenir. Maybe someone else knows. Nice to see what the original art looked like. Also included is another print of the B&W art for the rear cover of Ozmapolitan of Oz.

Size is 8.5×10.5”, on lightweight paper that has been folded in thirds, likely for mailing to Dave from Dick. With light edge wear, and it looks like the top has been trimmed, possibly to remove some writing before reproduction.