Sold: VHS of Toto’s Rescue in Storyland 1989 Educational Video


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Scarce 1989 VHS file “Toto’s Rescue”, and educational video by Doree Steinmann and the Los Rios Community College District (CA). 36 minutes. According to a contribution by Scott Hutchins on IMBD:

“The Wicked Witch of the West comes to Kansas (which looks suspiciously like the grounds of a California college campus) and steals Dorothy’s dog Toto. The Good Witch tells her that the moral code of all Witches must give her a chance to earn back her dog. The Wicked Witch decides Dorothy must go to Storybook Land and correctly guess the identities of ten storybook characters in the order she encounters them. She is also allowed the help of all children (watching at home) between the ages of two and twelve. She opens a posterboard door to reveal the green screened world of Storybook Land, encountering lively personalities like a rapping Little Boy Blue, beautiful Rapunzel, and goofy Pinnochio [sic], as well as characters like Jack and Jill. Upon encountering each one, the image grows still and pale and the lyrics to a song being performed are chyroned up on the screen.”

Unplayed but appears to be in good condition.