Sold: WIZARD OF OZ Book Vintage Denslow Blue Poster Cover, L Frank Baum Near FIne!


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Here is an unusual version of “The Wizard of Oz”, 1st of the Oz books written by L Frank Baum. Copyright 1956 by Reilly & Lee, this is a short-lived Denslow poster cover version. According to Bibliographia Oziana, this “blue cover” printing was only printed in 1964, and was replaced by the more common white cover version in 1965, which accounts for it being less common.

The blue cover illustration is integral to the front and rear cover, and is adapted from a 1900 W. W. Denslow poster advertising the Wizard of Oz. The eye-popping endpapers depict a red and purple Denslow poppy illustration. There are also single color (blue, red, and green depending on section) Denslow illustrations throughout the text, based on the true 1st edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

This book is in near fine condition, clean and tight with only light wear, tight hinges, no writing or tears. A very attractive book overall.