Third Book of Oz 1986 1st Edition Baum Queer Visitors Wogglebug Eric Shanower


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Here is a fun Oz title: Third Book of Oz, a compilation of the 1904-1905 serial “Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz”, written by L Frank Baum. The book includes text of the rare and related Wogglebug book, as well as the answers to the question “What did the Wogglebug Say?” With a nice intro by Martin Williams, which explains it’s called “The Third Book” because Baum wrote the story after The Wonderful Wizard and the Marvelous Land. Edited by Martin Williams.

This is the first edition, published by the Armstrong State College Press in 1986 (later reprinted by Buckethead in 1989, both scarce). Oversized soft cover, 165 pages. With a condition issue in that the first few gatherings of the book are detached or starting to detach from the glued binding–see photos. This seems common with the way they bound this book, but be careful and don’t open it too far. Also, some discoloration to rear cover.