Sale: Rob Roy MacVeigh’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz Book W W Denslow Color Plates 1960

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Here is an unusual softcover reproduction of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book, signed “Rob Roy” (Macveigh) on the title page. It matches MacVeigh’s writing, and I believe it was his personal copy. This 1960 Dover reproduction includes L Frank Baum’s unabridged text plus all the 24 color plates by W W Denslow, although they are printed on both sides and bound in two blocks near the center rather than each one separately as in the 1st edition. Sewn rather than glued like many modern softcovers. Also with an Intro by Oz scholar Martin Gardner, and a short checklist of books by L Frank Baum in the rear. Nice to have all of Denslow’s iconic artwork. The cover appears is a re-drawing of Denslow art by Carol Belanger Grafton. Book in very good condition with light wear and no major flaws.

From the Oz club’s website: “Rob Roy MacVeigh was one of the Oz Club’s most creative artists and one of its most active and beloved members. Rob’s work for the Club included articles and art for The Baum Bugle; convention decorations, and logos for posters, programs, and T-shirts. Rob’s lifelong—and, unfortunately, unfulfilled—dream was to create animated movies faithful to the authors and illustrators of Oz. He made considerable progress in developing the full storyboard sequence for his version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”
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