Sold: Original Wizard of Oz 1934 Scarecrow Waddle Character from Waddle Book Replacement Joint, Leg


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Here is an original Scarecrow Waddle character from The Wizard of Oz Waddle Book published by Blue Ribbon books in 1934. The book was issued with 6 Waddle characters that when assembled with the clips, waddled down the Yellow Brick Road. Here is one of them, The Scarecrow, who is original except for a replacement joint and one leg. The waddles were reproduced by Applewood Books in 1993, and I have carefully compared the cardstock and details of this waddle to those, and am sure this is mostly the older, original one. Specific differences include that the original waddles had a matte finish while the reproductions were glossy, the Scarecrow’s rear hand has six fingers in the originals and is more like a fist in the reproductions, and there are also small differences in the slots and printing of lines and dots. The original metal clips were brass colored, while they are black plastic in the reproductions, which is why I know that this guy has the replacement joint and leg. I’ve also handled original waddles before and made this Youtube video comparing that set to the reproductions.

I don’t usually use the overused word “rare”, but this item truly is. He has some wear and creasing to parts as shown, his old leg is a little dusty and he is pretty wobbly. He does stand if you help him a little with his leg position. Will be shipped carefully in a box. A fun piece for the serious collector of unusual Oziana. Complete sets of waddles sell in the $4,000-$10,000 range.