Sold: 8 Mini Italian Wizard of Oz Books, Complete Bibliotechina Oz Set SAS ca. 1940


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Wonderful complete set of 8 scarce little Italian Wizard of Oz books, The Bibliotechina Oz, Amici Di Dorothy (Friends of Dorothy). Each just 3 1/2″ x 4 1/4″, paper covered boards, about 50 pages each. Published by Societa Apostolato Stampa (SAS), Rome, ca. 1947-1948 according to the Spring 1962 Baum Bugle. Uncredited illustrations believed to be by Miki Ferro Pellizzari. Includes:

Il grande viaggio di Dorothy. (Dorothy’s Great Journey)
Lo Spaventapasseri. (The Scarecrow)
Il boscaiolo di stagno. (The Tin Lumberjack)
Il leone codardo. (The Cowardly Lion)
La strega dell’Ovest. (The Witch of the West)
Ritorno di Dorothy. (Return of Dorothy)
Il paese degli smeraldi. (The Land of Emeralds)
Le scimmie volanti. (The Flying Monkeys)

Condition ranges from poor to very good. The Scarecrow and Dorothy have split text blocks with the spine showing, Dorothy and Emeralds have torn spines and boards barely attached, Monkey has front hinge almost detached. All have moderate wear and staining, a few with some coloring, super fragile. Still the first I have seen, super adorable, and amazing that they have survived at all!

See this site (translated) for a bit more information on this set and other Italian Oz books.