Sold: 1968 MAGICAL WORLD OF OZ MAP Blue Poster Reilly & Lee Wizard of Oz Book Theme


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Here is a fabulous rare Oz map for the serious collector. This oversized “Map of the Magical World of Oz” is printed on blue poster stock and features the Land of Oz in the center, with lands from the other Baum/Thompson books in the surrounding space. These include the Valley of Mo, Boboland, the Kingdom of Ix, Merryland, etc. And best of all, in the poster border, all 14 Reilly & Lee “white cover” Oz books are displayed! This was one of a set of two advertising poster/maps put out by Reilly & Lee (Henry Regnery Company), copyright 1968. This map is larger and more beautiful than Oz Club maps and is quite rare. Size is about 12″ x 18″.

The base of the map proclaims:
“These are the Wonderlands and Wonder Islands Surrounding Oz in L. Frank Baum’s Famous Oz Books”
“The Reilly & Lee Company (address)”
“Publishers of the Original Oz Books since 1904”

This map is in very good condition, rolled, with some edge creasing and faint stains, but no marks or tears. It would look fabulous framed and displayed over a complete set of the white cover Oz books. Will be shipped rolled.