Sold: Roycroft Large Motto w/ W W Denslow Gryphon Heraldic Initial Original


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Here’s a scarce Roycroft/Oz cross-collectible–an original large Roycroft motto with one of W W Denslow’s “heraldic” initials with a gryphon. It says “Applaud Us When we run, console us when we fall, cheer us when we recover, but for God’s sake–let us pass on!”–attributed to Edmund Burke. The oversized motto is larger than the common smaller ones–this one is about 8″ x 10″. Printed with the initial and Roycroft and orb and cross watermark in red. Unusual to find one with the exuberant Denslow initial, most have more pedestrian ones. In good condition with faint sticker mark in corner.

These mottos were advertised in the Philistine and Motto Book and are circa 1910-1915. In very good condition with light wear to corners. For more information on Denslow’s initials for the Roycrofters, see the Spring 2015 special issue of the Baum Bugle.