Original Elbert Hubbard Necktie Tie in Box from Adam, Meldrum & Anderson Store


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Here is my most unusual Roycroft item yet–an Elbert Hubbard black necktie! Hubbard was famous for his non-conventional views and behavior, and these floppy neckties were part of his eclectic persona. According to Roycroft expert Richard Blacher, he purchased the tie from Fred Landis about 40 years ago. Landis, who wrote the Roycroft book “Just a Dog”, purchased the tie from “the original auction of the Roycroft Inn, including a ream of original Roycroft hallmarked paper, some of which were used as the limitation pages in On a High Shelf, a Scheidemantel poster, and your tie”. Landis told Blacher it was one of Elbert’s personal ties (my full email correspondence will be available to the buyer). The tie measures about 54″ long x 14.5″ wide and is in its original Adam, Meldrum & Anderson (a Buffalo department store) box. It has some fading and a few small holes, indicating it was actually worn.