Elbert Hubbard 1899 Personal Letter to My Dear Amy on Roycroft Shop Letterhead


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Here is an unusual Roycroft item–a typed letter on Roycroft Shop stationery dated Feb 14, 1899, from Roycroft founder Elbert Hubbard to “My Dear Amy”. The one page letter recaps a meeting with Amy where she apparently listened to him “patiently and sympathetically” and then says “but there is one thing about you I do not exactly lie, and that is that you are a handsome woman and still have brains”. Also he vents a little about aspiring writers harrassing him: “manuscripts were flashed by wheely cranks at unexpected moments, and women with little things thrown off in an idle hour camped on my trail”. Wonderfully personal and clearly written by Hubbard himself, the letter suggests that Hubbard found Amy attractive, at a time when he was still married to Bertha and already had a child with his mistress, Alice.

In good condition with some wrinkling to paper.