Sold: Dard Hunter Design THE ROYCROFT INN Brochure Roycroft/Roycrofters, Hidden Denslow Elements, ca. 1910


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Here is a lovely original Roycroft Inn brochure, with full color Dard Hunter graphics on front “Entrance to the Roycroft Inn” and back (The Peristyle of the Roycroft Inn). According to the Dard Hunter website, this art was inspired by Austrian artists after Hunter returned from Vienna in 1910. 16 unnumbered pages, with photographs and descriptions of various room within the Inn. I love this because if you look very, very closely, it shows little touches of artist W W Denslow as well–with the seahorse andirons in the Morris Room, and what I believe is a frame with 6 Denslow Philistine/Fra cartoons at the top right in the Library. Small item, just over 3.5″ x 5.5″ softcover wraps. No publication date, ca 1910.

A scarce and lovely little bit of Roycroft ephemera. In very good condition, with the page graphic not completely square, as issued. Pages are very clean.