Sold: Wizard of Oz 1903 Stageplay Helen Wilton Article in Commercial Advertiser Magazine


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Commercial Advertiser, Saturday Pictorial Review from Seot 26, 1903 which includes a page with an image of “Miss Helen Wilton in “The Wizard of Oz”, a chorus girl in Baum’s early Wizard of Oz stageplay. Wilton portrayed one of the snow girls, a farmhand and a laundress, and was just 17 in 1903. The same page has a short article about Wilton’s connection to the play. Apparently nepotism was alive and well, as Wilton was related to 10 different actors/actresses in The Wizard as well as to the manager/director Julian Mitchell! Her mother, father, aunts and uncles and named and were also in the theater business. A rare glimpse into a lesser known Oz participant and the relationships between cast members.

The oversized (11″ x 16″) magazine has moderate wear, with some small edge tears.