Sale: San-Kro-Mura Wallpaper Catalog + Price List, W W DENSLOW Wizard of Oz Wallpaper


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Here is a scarce Wizard of Oz related item–a vintage wallpaper catalog, containing a rare glimpse of a Wizard of Oz wallpaper frieze created by book illustrator W W Denslow. Titled “San-Kro-Mura Wall Decorations” on the cover, catalog measures 9.5 by 12″ and is 40 pages, with high quality printing and paper. Usually this catalog has an undated title page, but instead this one has a price list bound in that is dated 1926. Not sure if this is original or done later. I have not been able to offer one of these for many years. In addition to the small Denslow item, there are many, many other children’s, geometric, and other wallpaper patterns shown, including Maxfield Parrish. It’s a great bonus to see that the price of the Oz wallpaper was $2.00 for a set of 6.

Condition is fair only, as the cover has edge chipping and is unbound from the text block, front endpaper is loose, and the pages have faint rippling and a perfumey odor. Still a rare survivor, especially with the price list. Only one other available online, priced at $375.