Sold: BRITISH Denslow’s Mother Goose Wizard of Oz Illustrator 1902 W & R Chambers 1st UK Edition Book


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Here is one of the most iconic titles by Oz illustrator W W Denslow: Denslow’s Mother Goose. This book was published in America in 1901 shortly after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and then in 1902 by W & R Chambers in London. The British edition is MUCH more scarce! Mother Goose further established Denslow as one if not the leading American children’s book artist of the time. Denslow not only created all the art, he wrote the verses as well, making them more child-friendly than the standard Mother Goose rhymes of the day. Oversized, lavish, quirky, and 100% Denslow! See photos for a sampling.

Condition is fair only, because the book was well loved and has been rebound, using green cloth spine and corners instead of the original fragile paper. Inside, about half the pages have some kind of repair–either white binding cloth along the gutter, or tape of some sort on various tears. May also be missing a preliminary leaf? This UK book is rarely available and goes for over $1,000 in good condition, so now’s your chance to get it for less due to its condition. Only one available online at time of listing, and in my personal collection originally, but I’ve decided to let it go.