Sold: Yip Harburg Signed ALS Note about Wizard of Oz Over the Rainbow Song 1980


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Here is a fun item–a 1980 note handwritten and signed by lyricist Yip Harburg, who wrote the songs for the MGM Wizard of Oz film. On one side, a fan has asked if it’s true that Over the Rainbow was almost cut from the film, and if he likes disco. Harburg flipped the note over and replied that it’s true–“the director Mr Fleming too wanted it out” and that “I don’t care for disco”. He has also hand written the return envelope to Mr Melvin Cagle. The note measures about 4″x6″ and is in very good condition (folded once). Harburg letters with Wizard of Oz content are hard to find and quite prized.

(Fun fact: His full name was Edgar Yipsel Harburg, hence his nickname “Yip” and his signature EY Harburg).