Sold: Wooden Sawhorse Handcrafted Yosemite Wizard of Oz Character Jack Vincent


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Here’s an original Sawhorse Oz character handcrafted out of wood from Yosemite by Jack Vincent. He measures about 6″ long and comes with a typed note about his origins. Jack Vincent handcrafted a few of these Woozys for Oz conventions, and this is one from a long time Oz club member who attended conventions in the late 70s and early 80s. He is signed JV-80 on the bottom, so is from 1980, when the Oz conventions were still at the Wawona Lodge in Yosemite. He is in good overall condition, but alas, has lost his tail! Somewhat ironic, since in the note Jack warns to be careful of his tail. Perhaps you can make him another? A scarce and one-of-a-kind piece.