SOLD: WONDERFUL GAME OF OZ Wizard 1st Edition 1921 Pewter Complete Set Box Board Pewter Figurines Dice Instructions


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Here is a rare and desirable item for the serious Oz collector: The Wonderful Game of Oz, Parker Bros., the first edition from 1921!! This beautiful, elaborate game includes a colorful game board, 4 rare pewter figurines with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Lion, and 6 wooden dice that spell out W-I-Z-A-R-D. In addition, the complete set includes the original box (a generous ~10×19″ size) with original cardboard spacers, the original dice cup, the original box to hold the figurines, the original color-cover instruction booklet. This first edition of the game was the only one to come with pewter figurines and a color rule book; later these were replaced by wooden figures and a B&W book.

Condition is very good  plus for this now >100 year old set, the best I have ever seen. The box graphics are beautiful, bright and undamaged, with the edges only with light wear/scuffing to edges, one corner of the bottom piece torn, and one corner reglued. Board is clean and straight, with just light wear to the back side. The two internal cardboard box spacers are present and intact, as is the blue box for the game pieces. The dice, figurines and dice cup all are in great condition. The rules booklet is intact with a little creasing. A very nice set indeed.

Parts of this game occasionally come up, but rare to find the complete set, particularly in the first edition. Price of complete sets have been climbing, with recent 1st sets selling in the 2-4K range, as shown in the last image. (Note the 4th sold price was for a later game with wooden instead of pewter pieces).