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Sold: OZ WHAT DID THE WOGGLE-BUG SAY? 1904 White Wogglebug Pinback Button Original VG


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Here is a rare little gem, an original 1904 “What did the Woggle-Bug say?” button from the Woggle-Bug craze that swept the country in response to an advertising campaign associated with the publication of The Marvelous Land of Oz in 1904. This original pin in amazing condition! Newspapers ran a comic called “Queer Visitors From The Marvelous Land of Oz”, where the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, the Woggle-Bug, the Sawhorse, Jack Pumpkinhead, and the Gump visit the United States of America. The stories ended with the question “What did the Woggle-Bug say?” and buttons began appearing as well, creating a “Woggle-Bug” craze.

This listing is for the white button with the Wogglebug standing upright and a giant question mark. The button is original and quite unusual.
Button is 1 1/4″ diameter and is in excellent condition, with clean graphics and the back label of Keystone Badge Co still clear and bright. Pin and hook still attached. An amazing survivor!