SOLD: Ruth Plumly Thompson Signed: Note Autograph 1946 OZ Book Stationery Original


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Here is an original piece of Oz stationery from the “Office of the Royal Historian of Oz”. Ruth Plumly Thompson took over this title from L. Frank Baum and wrote 19 Oz books between 1921 and 1939. She used this stationery in correspondence to fans and friends even after she “retired” from writing Oz books in 1940. This includes a two sentence typed note to “Alan” on the front and is signed “Y’rs Oz Always, Ruth Plumly T”. Also with the original mailing envelope with Ruth’s Pennsylvannia address.

The double-sided stationery is 8.5″ by 11″ and features writing and Oz characters in green ink. The back side lists 36 Oz books (ending with Magical Mimics in Oz from 1946) and includes the Reilly and Lee imprint and address. In addition to the letter on the front, Ruth has made corrections to the Reilly & Lee address and the book prices in her own hand. These later stationery printings advertised the “Library Cloth Edition” books, while her 1939 stationery that I have had previously lacked this addition.

This original stationery sheet has fold marks and a corner chip at bottom right.