SOLD: 1970/1972 Re-release Wizard of Oz 35 mm Movie Film Trailer


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Here is a great find–an original Wizard of Oz film trailer from the 1970/1972 re-release for theaters as a children’s matinee. The trailer is on 35 mm (Kodak) Eastman safety film, with the National Screen Service cover paper. You can find the trailer’s original content here:

The trailer has not been rewound, so the photos I was able to take are of the end, which includes the fab 4 moving through the forest and The WIZARD of OZ irising out. Also, the Eastman film stock was unstable and according to Oz expert John Fricke, “invariably faded to pink after awhile”. Thus, the original colors have been lost and the trailer appears to be mostly a pinky-magenta color (though I have only examined the ending, not the beginning). Hard to believe 1970 was over 50 years ago!

Thank you to John for also identifying this trailer for me. A rare piece of memorabilia for buffs of “The Movie”.