Sale: Sammy Pierrot Ditties Harlequin Wizard of Oz Stageplay Spoof Postcard 1907

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Unusual original postcard featuring characters dressed in “pierrot” costume parodying the “Sammy! oh, oh, oh Sammy” scene in the wildly popular Wizard of Oz stageplay. There was also a scene in the play where Anna Laughlin dresses in a Pierrot costume (shown in the 1903 souvenir program book). What’s also interesting is that this card was posted (and presumably printed) in the UK, showing the wide reach of the early Oz extravaganza. Postmarked 1907.

A rare early card (I can find other “Pierrot Ditties” cards, but only this one parodies an Oz song. In good condition, with corner wear. Photos and description by Wonderful Books of Oz, copyright protected through the DMCA act of 1998.