Sold: Montgomery & Stone in Red Mill StagePlay Set of 3 Postcards 1908 Wizard of Oz

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Here is a neat lot of 3 original postcards with David Montgomery and Fred Stone, who played the Tinman and Scarecrow in the famous Wizard of Oz stageplay; in a different play, The Red Mill. The Red Mill debuted in 1908 in New York. The postcards feature 1) the pair on stage with “The Fifth Avenue Girls”, 2) Montgomery and Claude Cooper, and 3) best of all, a sepia card with both actors dressed as Watson and Sherlock Holmes. I believe the librettist, Henry Blossom, was related to Henry S Blossom who wrote an Oz pastiche The Blue Emperor of Oz. The cards are in good condition with some wear and writing; one is postmarked 1908 in Brooklyn.

From Wikipedia: The Red Mill is an operetta written by Victor Herbert, with a libretto by Henry Blossom. The farcical story concerns two American vaudevillians who wreak havoc at an inn in Holland, interfering with two marriages; but all ends well in the end. The musical premiered on Broadway on September 24, 1906 at the Knickerbocker Theatre and ran for 274 performances, starring comedians Fred Stone and David C. Montgomery.