Sold: Wizard of Oz Shooting Script, 1939 MGM Movie Screenplay


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Here is a copy of the original Wizard of Oz movie “shooting script”–the one published before the “Continuity Script” that is more readily available. This is in the standard 3 hole punch script format with two brads, and based on the condition of the paper and brads, is probably a copy from the 70s to 90s. According to Oz movie expert John Fricke, it is “the MGM shooting script, more-or-less as approved (across many months of writing and rewriting) for filming.” Script details and dates match the script he described in the Autumn 1979 Baum Bugle. It is about 115 pages, and includes the 3/3/39 “Witch’s Spell Chamber” scene at the end. According to “Who Put the Rainbow in Oz”, the shooting script was finalized on 10/10/38, but this has edits after that. Great research tool for comparison with earlier scripts and what was actually produced! (Continuity script is dated 3/15/39).

In good condition with light wear.